About Us

Palcrama Italia, a leading group in the distribution of household appliances and consumer electronics. Entrepreneurs who, in their local area, have achieved leadership positions in terms of turnover and distribution coverage.
These were the years of great expansion in the consumption of household appliances, color televisions and hi-fi systems. There is therefore a boom in demand for high-tech products and the role of the specialist retailer as an indispensable interface between industry and consumer is growing in importance.
In over twenty years the Group has developed with the addition of new Shareholders, leveraging, above all, on the local banner of each of them. The evolution of the markets, the growth of competitive dynamics and the internationalization of the business, make clear the need to set up a European Group. To this end, the GET Group has promoted Palcrama INTERNATIONAL, an organization present today across Europe.
The adoption of the Palcrama sign in Italy marks a new way of conceiving the retailing of household appliances and consumer electronics: distribution from a "neutral" channel thus becomes the protagonist of the marketing process by developing a direct dialogue with its customer.
Communication therefore assumes a fundamental role: Palcrama Italia, with increasing investments in the main national and local media, strengthens the brand and develops an intense promotional activity. Thanks to marketing activities, the development of the sales network and the monitoring of new technologies, Euronics is today an absolute protagonist of the Italian market.

The system

Palcrama Italia is a company whose purpose is the definition of the commercial policy towards suppliers and partners, the provision of services in support of local activities and the enhancement of the brand with communication campaigns aimed at the consumer. Each Member participates in the capital of Euronics Italia due to the turnover expressed by his company with the affiliated suppliers. The Board of Directors defines the Group's strategies.

The mission

Promote the development and know-how of member companies operating in the retailing of household appliances and consumer electronics, developing organizational and marketing synergies.

Reinforce the brand-name Palcrama as an expression of the common Retail Offer.