Baby Bath Tub Born to offer a pleasant appointment with our children, guaranteeing safety, comfort and practicality. Basically our product is just that. The attention we have put into the details makes the difference: the water drain valve allows you to empty the tank without making dangerous efforts, the possibility of inflating the sectors allows you to customize your tray and create greater comfort for our precious child, e.g. the back more or less soft; the central sector can be eliminated by deflating to keep children sitting safely and not having a rigid structure, Inflatable Folding Bath also fits perfectly in the classic shower cubicle. The material is NATURALLY hypoallergenic, with all the necessary certifications for childhood items, this is very important to emphasize it. You will notice, once purchased, a pleasant anti-slip texture that enriches the tub both aesthetically and safely. The valves are all self-locking, comfortable even for mouth inflation without venting problems, even if you will find a comfortable and practical pump. We inserted inside the tray small suitable slits, when the child is older, to house the feet and stay more stable and externally inserted a convenient pocket to put shampoo shower gel etc. Last but not least the possibility to take Infant Travel Tub wherever you want! What are you waiting for? We are the first lovers of this inflatable tub and you and your children will be too.